Sunday, December 9, 2007

Advice for Spring '08

Hello all new Angie students. One of the main topics of interest in this class is a client-based project that is design to help smaller organizations around the area update their business in some way that helps them catch up to the times. For our class, we helped the Habitat for Humanities in Anderson. The current website used by the Habitat organization in Anderson was not very complete and had many areas that we could help them improve. We were able to also add new aspects that they had not thought of yet. One example is the addition of a pay pal account, so customers could shop online. We also learned how to enhance websites with colors, pictures, and different designs.

One of the main concerns with helping your client this semester is going to be teamwork. It is important to organize and communicate throughout your team because there can be many conflicting schedules. Also, knowledge on computers and web-based design can help enhance your contribution to the class. One other big main concerns with doing well on the client-based project, is to have good communication with the organization you are helping. You are essentially working for them, and need to take into consideration their view on the work you are doing. For example, making sure the design is acceptable.

Honestly,for you new English 304 students, I would say the last important thing to do for this class is to keep a positive attitude. This goes out to all my fellow shy people. In my opinion, Angie is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is so sincere and smiles way to much for some of it not to wear off on you throughout the semester. She makes it easy for you to open up to her, and at the end of the semester you will feel like she is your friend instead of just your teacher. She is very open-minded and is willing to do everything she can to help you succeed. You also learn some good practical information to help in your everyday life.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Crunch Time

Alright, it is officially the last week of the regular season (school). Before I enter the playoffs, I still have to prove myself in two divisional games (Accounting and Finance test) before I know if I am just a wild card or true contender. I have a feeling that I am going to be burnt out this year before exam week, which can never be good. Not to mention I have five exams, one on everyday exams are possible next week, and this Saturday coming up. It is always hard to see how fast the semester goes by and the changes that have occurred throughout the semester. I guess this is just a rant blog, but thanks for listening, I do feel a little better. I am sure if I can just stay focused for two more weeks, I will be one step closer to completing my ultimate goal of graduating. I will only have six more classes to take in the spring and then it is off into the real world, where who knows what I will be doing.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Reflection on Article

I agree with this article for the most part. I believe that if you surround your company with good people, it will enhance the chances of being successful. Like they said, it is easy to teach someone a task, but they have to teach themselves how to be responsible, honest people themselves. I probably would not have been able to conduct my interview at Kaboom, due to the fact I would not be able to leave the room like a playground. I like the idea they had behind that. One interview style that seemed odd to me was Microsoft's belief in ten hour interviews. Yes, you get a good idea of how the person really is, but i do not care who you are you have to start getting irritated about hour three. Maybe that's just me. This article opened me up to new and interesting ways of interviewing that I will keep in the memory banks for future use.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dual Coding

The dual coding theory states that processing for verbal and non-verbal inputs for humans are equal. Paivio (1986) states: "Human cognition is unique in that it has become specialized for dealing simultaneously with language and with nonverbal objects and events. Moreover, the language system is peculiar in that it deals directly with linguistic input and output (in the form of speech or writing) while at the same time serving a symbolic function with respect to nonverbal objects, events, and behaviors. Any representational theory must accommodate this dual functionality." That is a serious definition. For the sake of advertising, this theory implies that it is important to code the message you are trying to convey in different styles. This will allow for more people to be reached by your message.

One example of dual coding I have noticed in advertising this week is in a commercial by a camouflage company, Mossy Oak. The commercial shows different hunting backgrounds where the hunter is slowly made visible to the viewer. This is a direct appeal to images, so the potential buyer can see how effective the product is suppose to be. Second, during the whole commercial they are whispering. This is to make you think you are actually in the woods, and one with the commercial. I felt this commercial was especially effective in showing dual coding.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Reflection on Group Work

So far my feelings toward my group are positive. At times it has been hard to arrandge schedules to match up, but always can find a way. I feel each person in our group can bring something different and vital to the table when doing our project. I know I have no artistic ability and having Sal in my group helped a lot when it came to the design. He did some things I never knew you could do with regards to color arrangement and structure that really helped bring the proposal together. I believe we are able to feed off each other's ideas which helps us all get on the same page with one another. Everyone shows up to all meetings ready to work and preared with materials we assigned during previous meetings.

Overall, our group works good together and has the potential for great things.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Mock Interview

Well today was the big day, and to tell you the truth it was not that bad. I felt like the interview flowed smoothly, and never really had any awkward pauses. There was that one time I did have to ask you to repeat the question. From this I learned it is not very advisable to stray too far away from the question when trying to explain or give a little background because it can be easy to forget where your thoughts were going.

The major thing with this interview or any other interview is to practice. Practice, practice, practice. Pretending to answer questions in the mirror allowed me to feel like I am one step ahead instead of three steps behind. Even though there will be some questions you have not practiced, it is easier to draw an answer when you are fresh and prepared. I know you said if I was nervous at all you could not tell, well the truth is I was a little before the interview, but it is kind of hard for you to make anyone feel uncomfortable I would imagine. Also with being prepared comes being on time. Thankfully, I was able to make the interview a little early, so I could just clear my mind and take some deep breaths before it was show time. One last topic I would like to stress is the importance of eye contact. When being questioned, it is important to show that the interviewer has your complete attention.

I am glad this was an assignment now. Like I said this was my first "mock interview" and did not really know what you were going to through at me. What I learned is that it is important to have confidence in yourself and to know the difference between coming off sincere and coming off cocky. I guess once the interview started, I just got into a groove or a zone and took it for all it was worth, I had nothing to loose right. Overall, the experience showed me that I can perform in an interview and made me start thinking of new questions to start asking myself so I can be even more prepared next time.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Presentation Week

This week we had our five minute presentations in class. I chose to keep it educational and speak of alternatives form of energy we can use instead of fossil fuels. Some of the presentations I remember the most were the ones that informed me on topics I knew nothing or close to nothing about. First, was that presentation on Colorodo. That was a pretty elaborate presentation with a lot to soak in, but I believe I did make the comment to Sal that I was glad that I did not have to follow that. I have lived in South Carolina my whole life and rarely get out, so seeing some of the landscape and towns were interesting.

I did find Sal's presentation interesting as well. I have never been able to do things with my hands well, i do not know why. I would like to have something I made to call my own like those steps he was working on. I know it takes a lot of hard work and a good design. All in all the presentations kept my interest throughout, and I also learned a few things. It also makes me more comfortable with the class once you have to stand up in front of them and take control. I don't know, its been a long week.